Accreditation and Quality Committee           

Tasks of the Committee:

  1.  Represent the Nursing faculty.
  2. Work to reconcile all the tasks, procedures and activities related to the Nursing faculty to provide complete reference of documents relating to the Faculty.
  3. Follow-up with the Ministry of Higher Education in relation to matters of the accreditation.
  4. Coordination and follow-up between the Nursing faculty and the University quality center to apply the quality standards in the faculty.
  5. Direct the activities of the several committees in the Nursing faculty to be within the university quality center requirements.
  6. Work on improving the administrative and academic performance at the Nursing faculty through the application of the principles and standards of quality.
  7. Review and update documents relating to quality within the progress/requirements of the Nursing faculty.

Credential & quality control committee

  •  Ghadeer Dweik / Head of the Committee
  •  Dr. Hekmat Alakash
  •  Dr. Heba Khalil
  •  Dr. Manal Alsutari
  •  Abeer Al-Zaghmori