This department provides courses that guide the students on how to deal with various health problems that may affect the individuals health & functions systems.
Students are trained on how to resolve problems and use critical thinking & decision making process during nursing care. Students are also used the (Nursing Process) as a framework to discuss health problems.

Students are trained on the roles of advanced nursing, such as advisory and specialized clinical disciplines that contribute to prepare students for future professional roles.


1. Provide distinctive educational programs and keep pace with recent developments in the field of education.
2. Createthe structure ofa healthy educationalenvironment based ontechnologyandcreativespiritamong studentsandfaculty members.
3. Development of student's knowledge and skills throughout the process of presenting nursing care to different groups within the community.
4. Achieveexcellenceinenablingstudentsto benefitfromtheknowledgecontainedin theother sciences that are related to the nursing profession.
5. Use the latest findings, knowledge and skills of the nursing profession in the field of providing care for adults and the population at different care centers.
6. Get use of the advantages of the scientific research findings to improve specialized nursing care.